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How do I inflate my GymnastikBall?

The GymnastikBalls need to be inflated with a pump that has straight nozzle. It looks like a needle can be inserted in the small hole in the plug, but it’s actually an indentation that doesn’t go all the way through. Pull the plug all the way out, being quick to put your thumb in place while you get ready to insert the nozzle. You can purchase a pump specifically for your GymnastikBall, you can use the adapter that came with your ball, or you can use another pump that has a nozzle that is smooth and fits!

How do I use the valve that came with the GymnastikBall?

This valve has a ball bearing inside it, which prevents the air from flowing out, but lets air be pumped in. Place the smooth side of the valve going into the, to make a tight seal. The ball can then be pumped up with a Shrader valve bicycle or gas station pump, or even with a needle if you hold your fingers tightly around where the needle and valve meet. (Some bicycle pumps may require you to cut the smaller diameter threads off the valve, in order for it to fit snugly.) After you have pumped the ball up, quickly replace the valve with your thumb, then your thumb with the included GymnastikBall plug, and you’re ready to go!

How do I make sure my GymnastikBall is inflated to the proper size?

The ball should be inflated to the point where it becomes firm, but has some “give to it. Do not fill the ball until it becomes hard, as some “give" is necessary for the ball to contour to your body’s shape. When the ball is first inflated, it will generally be smaller that the maximum diameter size. Give the ball 2-4 weeks to expand to full size. Measure the ball from top to bottom (diameter.)

When sitting on the ball, your hips and knees should be bent at approximately 90 degrees or more. Your hips should be level with or higher than your knees.

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How is my purchase shipped?

We use USPS Priority Mail (2-3days) for all our shipments, unless you request otherwise. If you need a faster method of delivery or prefer another method of shipping, please email us to let us know. All shipments go out within 2 business days of receiving your order, unless you've been notified otherwise of a delay.

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