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Dear Maren,

Welcome to the January through August issue of HealthFIT News!

This issue is full of NEW things for the NEW year!

Yes, this is really late for a New Year's newsletter, but I've been a little busy - since I now have a 7-month old son in addition to my almost 4-year old daughter! :-)

I'm trying to catch up... ;-)

PLEASE read all the headlines and click through the items that interest you, as this edition is jam packed with NEW information.

And please forward this to any friend you think might value my exercises, articles and resources, and tell them sign up for my newsletter too!

Committed to your health,

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NEW Website

After 10 years of trying unsuccessfully to obtain the domain name, I've finally decided to change my website name to one that matches by business name better. is now

Along with the new website, I am changing my email addresses immediately to:

Please change your white lists and address books right away! :-)

NEW Project Released

My first KidLifting DVD was finished and released in May. It's the perfect Strength Workout for busy Parents of Toddlers. I just filmed my next DVD with Colin a few weeks ago, so the Baby version will be out soon!

Check out all the details here!

NEW Trainer

HealthFIT has a fabulous new trainer!

Kasey Monteith is a recent graduate from Santa Clara university, where she was a basketball star. Her NASM certification, life-long involvement in athletics and strong desire to pass along her passion for fitness to others, guarantees you a fun and safe way to sweat. I'm really glad to have her aboard!

Schedule a session with Kasey today for a great workout!

NEW Massage Therapist Friends

I have been searching for years for a fabulous team of massage therapists, and Ive finally found them! My new friends Doreen and Robert of Get Results Therapy quite simply "have the touch". Doreen is very intuitive and reads your body's aches and pains with her talented hands. Robert's knowledge of anatomy is immediately obvious and he has the strength to go as deep as you need!

Robert and Doreen have combined experiences ranging from Swedish massage to integrated Sports and Trigger Point Therapy techniques. With over 18 years of experience collectively, they believe in proactive treatments. Their motivation to achieve results, through their bodywork is a solid foundation. Get Results Therapy was born on this idea; their belief is that bodywork is optimized by a consistent systematic approach.

Schedule that massage your body needs and your mind deserves today by calling (408-726-2363) or using their online scheduling service today!

NEW Exercises with a NEW Product

Yes, you too can do the
Lebert Equalizer Push Up

while you're 9 months pregnant. I did!

NEW Book


Discover How It's Possible to Program Your Body to Lose Weight Automatically!

NEW Baby

Last, but not least, is the newest addition to my family!

Colin Sederquist Ricketts was born January 26, 2007 at 8.5 lbs.
He weighs over 20 lbs already. He gives me a workout just carrying him around . . . with a huge smile on my face. :-)

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