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My blog is where I'll post Health and Fitness News, Information, and Commentary. I want to keep you up on the latest I've learned at seminars and my thoughts on recent health and fitness news, and have a place to give you answers to your questions! Email me if you have a health or fitness question!

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Dear Maren,

Welcome to the Summer issue of HealthFIT News!
No, you didn't miss the June and July Newsletters. I skipped them for two reasons.

First, I'm working on getting a HUGE project finished, and made that my priority for the last few months. Details soon!

Second, I'm pregnant! The last 15 weeks, the side effect have kept me from my usual pace of things. I'm starting to get back into the groove again, so here you go!

Committed to your health,

P.P.S. If your images don't load or you'd rather view this newsletter (or any of the archives) with all the graphics on your browser, rather than through your email, click here.

3 Approaches to Balancing Blood Sugar

Balancing your blood sugar can be challenging, especially for a diabetic - when it's essential. Everyone can benefit from balanced blood sugar though. Do you get that mid-afternoon desire to take a nap?
Since I don't think one-method-fits-all, here are 3 different approaches for you to choose from!

HUGE Project

Stay tuned for the next newsletter...
Information soming soon!!!

More Client Benefits

Another benefit for current clients: Want to get ahold of your trainer? You can now access the contact information for your trainer on the website. Just login in and you'll have access to your trainer's email and cell phone number.

Be sure you've signed up for client status ahead of time, though. It's not automatic, and needs to be approved by me. (Member status is automatic.)

Once you've signed up for client status on my.fitforhealth, let us know if you can think of other functions you think would be helpful!

New Trainer

Welcome Laura to HealthFIT!

We have a fabulous new trainer on staff. Laura attended the National Academy of Sports Medicine certification workshop last weekend, and is eager to share what she learned with you!

Laura will be joining other trainers for workouts this week, and is excited about joining the team. Laura's diverse background from Volleyball coaching to Wellness coaching will be an asset to HealthFIT!

Laura has more schedule availability as a new full-time trainer, so ask her about workout openings!

Exercise of the Month

The exercise of the month is....
The Watermelon Step and Press


The perfect exercise for doing before your summer picnic... Just grab your watermelon and get a workout in before you eat it! (You can use a medicine ball too, if you don't have a watermelon around! ;-))

Gardening That's Safe for Your Back

Is your back aching from the time you've been spending in your garden this summer? Learn how to work in the garden safely, and what exercises you can do to prevent back pain!

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