Tips for Beating Holiday Stress

This holiday season can often bring as much stress as it does joy. Get outdoros, take deep breaths often and do what you can. You'll get through it!

  • Get as much activity and exercise as you can, without feeling guilty about not doing your full workout schedule. That's what January's for!
  • Organize and prioritize your time so you don't overbook your schedule.
  • Get your shopping done as early as possible, and do what you can online - to avoid the crowds and lines.
  • Try not to overeat and overdrink. It'll only add to the stress.
  • Choose foods that will give you nutrition and high energy rather than emotional comfort.
  • Take time to relax and get plenty of rest.
  • Give yourself the gift of feeling joy - by volunteering for community services and donating to the needy.
  • Don't forget to be good to yourself, and do things that give you joy!