HealthFIT Running Group

Join us!

Want make sure you get your runs in, so you keep making progress toward your goal?
Sign up to run with us, and also receive the benefits of expert coaching and a great group to run with!

Distance and pace of runs will be determined by who signs up.

Sign up for any of the below runs at $15 each:


Or receive a discount by signing up for all of the above.

All 10 runs for $100. A bargain if you can attend at least 7 out of the 10 runs!

Invite your friends too!

P.S. Yes, for now, you must pay ahead of time to attend the run.
If I don't have runners sign up, I won't show up myself!

Click here for the schedule of runs and a couple local upcoming races I recommend!

Committed to your health,
Maren Sederquist, MES, CSCS, CPT