Just what you need to ensure you’re on the right path

As a Medical Exercise Specialist, Maren loves to help clients with medical conditions learn how to exercise safely, to reduce pain, improve their health and increase functionality.


If you are self-motivated and just want to learn what to do, Maren can assess you and create a detailed program with written instructions and graphics that you can do on your own.


Maren will review what you’re eating, teach you ways to adjust your current eating habits to be healthier, and create a sample menu for you. Your calorie expenditure will be calculated to set your servings to meet your goals. Maren will give you lots of practical tips she’s learned from years of experience and being a reformed junk food eater!


Learn how to spend as much time as possible in optimal posture. Maren can address how you sit, stand, work, play and sleep. Eliminate chronic pain and repetitive stress by aligning your joints to your environment to minimize stress.