I owe my present quality of life to Maren…

I had a hemorrhage into my spine that left me with a right hip flexor weakness. I used a cane for this condition for 10 years. Then about 6 years ago Maren and Healthfit came into my life. Now I not only walk without a cane, I am able to walk up to 3 miles a day! I owe my present quality of life to Maren and her thoughtful, intensive care.

C. W., Physician

Back pain cured…

I’m a full time yoga instructor, and suffered from an acute low back injury for many months. I spent so much money trying various types of yoga, massage, chiropractic, Pilate’s, swimming, rest.  Nothing worked, only temporary relief.  By the time I saw Maren I couldn’t even bend over to brush my teeth or put on my shoes.  Within a week of following Maren’s instructions the pain went away, and four years later I’m still pain free!  I am so thankful for Maren’s expertise, and continue to utilize the tools she taught me on a daily basis.

Michelle Darby, Yoga Instructor

I don’t have to live with pain…

Hi Maren-
Thank you so much again for your time and knowledge! I have noticed some strength improvement with my back and I ran this morning for the first time in little over a week and I noticed the pain in my legs was gone! I still feel it when I move certain ways, but the modifications for yoga really help!  And I love the ab work!! I do the roller 3 times a day-and I have noticed some of my spots are improving! So can you tell I’m thrilled? I even rolled before I ran (wasn’t sure I’d do that!). I saw Michelle on Wed or Thurs and my words to her were “thank you thank you thank you”- for sending me to you-I’ve already told two other back sufferers about you! Thanks again and I will check in with you in the next couple of weeks (I’m wondering how long do you think till maybe the pain will go away?) I know-be patient!
2 weeks later:
I am happy to report I’ve seen real improvement I have also gotten a lot of strength back- I can tell in my yoga poses. Thank you so much again! I can’t tell you how great this is after months of just saying-oh it’s not that bad it will go away! I can also stand and sit for periods of time and not have my back ache (could never do that before)!
Thank you! Thank you!
4 weeks later:
Thanks again for all your help – I was really beginning to think it was something I would just have to live with – but I know better now, thanks to you!

Carrie DiTullio, Runner and Yoga Practitioner

Dropped 40 pounds…

In getting myself back into shape I needed someone I could trust to create a program that was right for me and keep me on target to reach my goals. I started up with Maren and the results thus far have been very satisfying.  I could not have made the transformation in my life this year without her steadfast support and sometimes tough love. Thanks Maren.

Dave Dohrmann, Entrepreneur

2 visits helped more than 6 weeks of PT…

HealthFit was there when I had given up hope! I worked with Maren Sederquist after the birth of my child. I felt comfortable with her because she understood the unique challenges of a mother with a young baby, and knew how frustrated I was with my physical condition and all the doctors I had seen. Within 2 visits, she helped me do more than I had accomplished in 6 months with a physical therapist at my health plan. I’d highly recommend HealthFit for anyone trying to recover from a medical problem and get back into shape!

Nikole Gipps, Owner NHG Consulting - web design in plain english

Cholesterol, triglycerides and blood pressure down…

Maren designed a program that not only helped me meet my fitness goals but dramatically improved my general health picture as well. She was able to assist not only with exercise, but also with diet and the latest research on cholesterol and blood pressure. My total cholesterol went from 329 to 246, my triglycerides went from 547 to 211, and my blood pressure went from 138/92 to 120/80 in six months.

Brian Paterson, V.P. Finance, K.L. Paterson & Associates, Inc.

Back to peak levels rapidly…

A serious cycling accident put me on crutches for an extended period of time with a broken hip. At first I thought I wouldn’t ride again for many months. I was also worried that I wouldn’t be as strong again, once I could resume training. Thanks to the exercise program I received from Maren Sederquist of HealthFIT, I was able to do more than I hoped for in shorter time than I expected. Maren put together a program for me that returned flexibility to my leg quickly. She worked with me carefully, assigning the right exercises when I needed them. I progressed amazingly well. After 6 weeks on crutches I was back on my bike, racing again 3 weeks thereafter! I can’t thank Maren enough for what she has done. The program she designed for me was instrumental in getting me back on the bike and to peak levels rapidly. I would highly recommend Maren to anyone needing post-rehabilitation work. I really appreciated her expertise, her care, her availability, and her encouragement. Plus her friendly personality made it a pleasure to work with her.

Edward Abeleven, Amateur Competition Cyclist

Slimming down and improved posture…

There have been times during the past 25 years when I have been very physically fit. However, during the past several years with the demands of my career, commuting, and caring for my family, I have become increasingly less fit. This coupled with turning 50 and starting to gain unwanted pounds has been very frustrating to me! Maren had been training my husband for several years, so I turned to her for help. We have been weight training for about 5 months now and I am loving it! I have noticed marked improvement in my level of fitness, I am slimming down, I’ve received several compliments on my improved posture! Maren has a tremendous level of expertise. She varies the workout and knows when to increase or decrease the level of difficulty. I would highly recommend Maren to work with anyone, no matter what their age or fitness goal!

Kathy Henry, Law Firm Administrator


Pain driven away from Zoom studio!

Maren Sederquist is far and away the most competent trainer I have ever worked with, and I have worked with a good many trainers.  Her knowledge of the human body seems to be encyclopedic. She always comes with a positive attitude so I always feel better about what I have or have not achieved since our last session. She does not just sit on a chair and count; she gets involved with you while you are going through your lesson.  If you have a new problem or pain, she always knows what exercises will drive it away. Recently, when the covid-19 virus shut-down occurred she immediately opened a ZOOM studio to service her customers without interruption. I can not recommend her enough.

Walt Umbach, retired

Solid knowledge of science and physiology…

I offer my highest recommendation and regards for Maren Sederquist as a personal fitness trainer. We have worked together for over a decade, and I have been very impressed with the immense personal commitment she shows toward her clients. She communicates closely and effectively with the medical community, often accompanying  her clients to appointments. She demonstrates a solid knowledge of the science and physiology behind her exercise regimes, tailoring them appropriately to the needs of each  individual. While working with many of her clients, I have learned that the rapport she develops surpasses all, and I am pleased that with utmost confidence I can refer my patients to her!


Valerie Bartlett, MPT, Physical Therapist

Dedicated, reliable and most encouraging…

I am pleased to recommend Maren as a dedicated and competent trainer. She is greatly assisting me in getting back my strength and stamina after a heart valve replacement. Results have been gratifying. She is reliable, pleasant, and most encouraging. She is an asset to the medical profession as she has an excellent understanding of the psychology of patient recovery.

Halsey Burke, Retired

Solid knowledge of anxiety and depression…

Maren is disciplined, dependable, and consistently good-humored. She has a solid knowledge of the research which relates to mood in both normal and clinical populations, and has an understanding of how anxiolytics, antidepressants, and physical exercise impact dysregulated mood-relevant physiological systems.

Keith Johnsgard, PhD, Professor of Psychology

Walking encyclopedia for health and fitness…

Maren is a truly gifted trainer and educator who is a walking encyclopedia for health and fitness. I’ve had the honor of working with her and her exceptional clients since the fall of 2005.

Jim Jensen, Owner of Fit for Life


Surpassed by few in our industry…

Maren’s integrity, hard work, devotion to her clients, and most of all, her skill and knowledge are surpassed by few in our industry.

Neal Spruce, Founder of Apex Fitness Group, CEO at dotFIT, LLC

Exceeded all of my expectations…

Because of my many medical problems, I knew that I would need an exceptional trainer, and I interviewed several before deciding on Maren. She has exceeded all of my expectations. She researches any problems that you may have, and consults with your current medical professionals, so that you can maintain a high level of commitment to your health needs.

Susan Barnes, Real Estate Agent

Creates effective personalized plans…

Maren’s passion for promoting fitness is clearly evident in her work style. She spends time assessing & researching to create effective personalized plans. When I first worked with Maren, in 2002, I was quite intimidated of the gym and unsure about how to use the fitness machines. She immediately put me at ease, started with the basics, and turned me into a gym-lover in no time.

Khyati Shah, Marketing Director River By River


Positively inspires to strive for change…

Maren has always displayed an intense passion for health and fitness, and utilizes her broad knowledge of anatomy and physiology with her vast practical experience in working one on one with clients. Perhaps her most impressive quality is demonstrated by the unique ability she has to positively inspire the people she works with to strive for change. I am very enthusiastic about referring patients to Maren for rehabilitation, strength, and endurance training.

Timothy Flynn, DC

My upper back pain disappeared, never to return!!

A few years ago I began working out three days a week with Maren.  My primary motivation for beginning regular workouts was because I suffered from chronic upper back pain, probably resulting from years of working as a labor and delivery RN in a busy unit.  My work required lifting and turning my patients, and I am sure I often didn’t use correct body mechanics.  I had received some ultrasound and ice treatments at a local ortho rehab center, but I continued to suffer with upper back pain. Once I began my workout sessions with Maren and increased my upper body strength, which happened amazing quickly, my upper back pain disappeared, never to return!!  In addition to solving the pain issue I have toned my whole body and my whole physique has more muscle definition.  Thank you Maren!

Kathi Endris, Recreational Cyclist and World Traveler

I wouldn’t be here without her…

Over the past 5 years I have experienced 3 liver transplants. I started working with Maren right after the first transplant, while my medical condition was very serious in nature. In between each transplant, Maren’s involvement was critical as it related to my whole being. She helped me gain muscle to get my body back to normal, by helping me with nutrition and exercise. Maren stuck with me as I had to repeat this 3 times! I truly believe that without her interaction with me during my critical times, I wouldn’t be here today. In fact, Maren made as much of a difference as the doctors at Stanford. I am now a healthy 230 lbs. (up from a weak 145 lbs.) and in better shape than I have ever been in. Thanks to Maren’s focus and caring nature, I will continue to use her services for the rest of my life!

George Plaut, Liver Transplant Patient

Maren has the exercise to fix it!

I have the privilege of writing a recommendation for my personal trainer, Maren Sederquist.  I have been working with Maren for approximately nine years.  Maren has helped me in many ways.  She started out as just a personal trainer and nutritionist, and I have since asked her to help me with my bouts of depression, the death of my father and the illness of my mother.  Maren has even given me helpful advice on my 4 adult children and 8 grandchildren.  I am an avid gardener and Maren has taught me how to keep my back and knees safe for all my gardening activities, from pushing a wheelbarrow to the proper way of carrying heavy pots. Maren has helped rid pain in almost all my joints over the years – ankles, knees, hips, back, neck, shoulders, elbows and wrists. No matter what the joint, Maren had the exercise to fix it! Maren has an open mind and positive outlook on life. I don’t have enough words to express my appreciation.

Virginia Allen, Avid Gardener

Warm and intelligent, careful and thoughtful…

HealthFIT has been wonderful. Maren is warm and intelligent. She is careful and thoughtful, taking individual differences into consideration-not only physical differences, but psychological differences. She provides the perfect amount of encouragement and challenge so that I stay motivated to achieve my goals.

Juliana Van Horn, Owner, Citrus Group

Head and shoulders above the rest…

My nomination for best personal trainer is: Maren Sederquist of HealthFIT™. In a crowded field of trainers and gyms, one person stands head and shoulders above the rest, and I have tried most of them. Maren is the very, very best! She has been my exercise therapist for the past 11 months. I had been in physical therapy, exercise programs and diet programs, all to no avail. At age 55, I had given up. My last ditch effort was a personal trainer. I found Maren, and she truly changed my life. Her commitment, and devotion to her clients and her profession is amazing. She has motivated me, taken my determination to new heights, and helped me to turn my lifelong struggle to success! She has the ability to motivate, encourage, support and lead you through the steps necessary to achieve your goals. In my case, she has worked closely with my doctors to find a program that met my needs. Any fitness trainer can be good while they are with you; but a really great trainer is one who motivates you to perform and continue on your own. She does this for me, and that is an incredible achievement! I actually can’t wait to see her each visit to show off my new agility and weight loss. Even after 11 months she has kept my excitement very high! Maren has a strong background in nutrition, medical exercise and sports medicine. She is constantly attending classes and certification programs to keep on top of this high interest field. Maren is # 1 in my book and the friends I have referred her to all feel the same: SHE IS THE BEST!!!”

Kathleen M. Haney, Manager

“Whole person” approach to wellness…

I can highly recommend Maren Sederquist of HealthFit. She’s great to work with (professional, knowledgeable, and keeps you motivated) and she has a very complete, “whole person” approach to wellness. With a background in sports fitness, nutrition, and rehabilitative exercise she can tailor a program to your specific needs and keep it interesting so you don’t get bored. I’ve worked with a lot of trainers over the years and there’s simply no one else I’ve found who even comes close.

Meg E. Saint-Loubert, Owner Design Buro

Reached previously unattainable goals…

Working with Maren helped me to take my fitness to the next level. I was already a motivated and regular fitness fanatic but needed some guidance to reach previously unattainable fitness goals. I got that from Maren and continued making progress for a year now. I highly recommend Maren to anyone looking to learn about weight training, better nutrition and diet, or anyone who just needs to revamp their workouts to get back the motivation you need to keep up regular workouts.

Icie Jones, Sales & Retail Marketing

Knowledge is vast…

Working out with Maren has been the only way for me to keep committed and focused to my exercise program. Her knowledge is vast, and always is able to supply me with the information that I need. When things get a little to easy, or boring, Maren is able to change it all and renew my enthusiasm. I have recommended her to many of my friends, and they have truly enjoyed her.

Joan Ulibarri

A joy to work with…

Shortly after I knew I couldn’t possibly do one more, she’d cheerfully urge me on with ‘I think you have just one more in you’, and sure enough, she’d be right! She’s a joy to work with!

Emott Caldwell, Retired

Sensitive to a person’s individual differences…

While pushing her clients to improve their physical strength and fitness, Maren is sensitive to a person’s individual differences and how one’s body is responding without being patronizing. She is exceptionally knowledgeable about the human body and her area of expertise.

Marcella Christoff, Realtor